Dr Khong Kim Hoong

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) of HELP University and former president of University of Malaya Student Union (UMSU),1968/1969
Interview Date: 7 October 2020
Interviewer: Fikri Fisal

The interview with Dr Khong focused on student activism and academic freedom during his time as a student at University of Malaya in the late 1960s.

Currently, Dr Khong is an academician who is teaching at HELP University. He graduated from the University of Malaya in 1969, where he was the President and a member of the University of Malaya Students’ Union (UMSU) since his second year at the university.

During his time at UMSU, he was a student organiser and had initiated numerous in-campus and off-campus activities such as demonstrations, rallies, petitions, and political debates on local issues as well as international issues. He was also the Chairman of the Orientation Committee whereby as part of the orientation, he organised an exhibition on the Vietnam War for students. After he graduated from University of Malaya, he furthered his studies in the USA.

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